Life (the real deal, not the board game) is a little too much like one big game of poker. Sometimes you’re up. Sometimes you’re down. Sometimes you’ve got to bluff your way out of a loosing hand to come out a winner.

Sometimes you know you’re lucky. Sometimes you are just lucky. Most of the time that won’t last.

If you play it safe you may never win. If you risk too much you might loose it all.

The dealer doesn’t call the shots. The person to their right could cut. It’s in the cards? No. It’s not in the stars either. We make our own choices. Love the game. Choose to stop. Everybody goes out eventually. Everybody goes home. The winner is left alone.

Your thoughts don’t matter until you’ve made a decision. Nobody cares what you think. They care what you do.

Sometimes you’re half in. Sometimes its half past time to leave. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. Sometimes you’ve got to call. Sometimes you’re all in. Sometimes you’re all in in the dark. Sometimes you’re put all in. Sometimes you’re just all in.

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you loose. Sometimes that just doesn’t matter.